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Let’s assume that we are living in a time of unprecedented change in the overall business marketplace. Processes that promoted corporate success in the past simply are not as dependable and applicable as they once were. The digital age has brought monumental change to the ways we do business and to the parameters of the marketplace.
Globalization is now an assumption and no longer some far-fetched goal. Competing in a global digital marketplace changes everything about "doing business as usual." For instance there are more "developed" countries with skilled labor in this world marketplace than at any other time in the history of the world. In addition, the day of employees working their entire careers with just one or two companies is long past. Hiring, training, and retaining the best employees for your organization must be done with this in mind. This dramatically different business environment necessitates fresh and creative thinking in order to navigate the ocean of change in which we are all sailing. What if you as a business owner could have a sense of confidence that your organization is always on the leading edge of change and innovation, and is able to move with fluidity so that the major fluctuations in the global marketplace didn't sink your ship in that ocean of change that is engulfing us all?

There is no sure-fire formula to organizational excellence. There are, however, organizational principles that seem to contribute greatly to success in life, business, and organizational culture. Just how these principles are implemented and lived-out in any organization contribute greatly to the overall success and health of that organization. What is important to keep in mind is that all organizations are living systems and no organization is exactly like another, which suggests that what brings operational health and success to one organization will not necessarily bring health and success to another organization. And yet, underlying the work of any organization that seeks to thrive in the unpredictable marketplace that exists today there seems to be certain operational principles that can make the difference between success, mediocrity, and failure.

understands the needs of this rapidly changing business culture. In an effort to describe our unique understanding and approach to transforming the overall business culture as it still exists in so many places, we have coined a term for the type of "culture" we attempt to implant in the organizations we help. We call it Portacle™ Culture. The distinctiveness of Portacle™ Culture is what contributes to its unusual name. Two concepts are combined, the first being "portal" and the second being "oracle." These are not words or concepts we use very often. A portal is a gateway into a new existence. That gateway is typically large and imposing. When you pass through it you notice immediately that something is different. An oracle is even more unusual, because it describes a spoken word of wisdom or instruction that has the power of influencing the future course of events. In a Portacle™ Culture your organization will have a clear pathway into the future and the well-spring of wisdom you need to surmount those obstacles that unquestionably lay ahead.

So then, what is a Portacle™ Culture? It is an organizational environment where employees, from the corporate offices right across to the frontline, feel empowered to speak truth into the life of the organization, not to undermine the vision but to help deliver it. In this challenging 21st Century business environment, it is a requirement that all the members of any organization be on the team to achieve success. This level of corporate communication is characterized by trust, transparency, accountability, collaboration, and mutual respect. At Portacle™ we believe that the secrets for future success are already within your organization. We will simply come alongside you, help you discover those strengths, and teach how to employ them with ongoing success.


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