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Our firm employs a 3 stage process to help move you quickly, effectively and with the necessary disiplines from where you are to where you intend to go. The below improvement curve begins with an organizational assessment and moves you to mastery.

Educational eLearning Modules

The following complimentary educational eLearning modules provide valuable insights and knowledge that will help your organization maximize your human capital assets. It is recommended that each educational eLearning module be reviewed in the sequential order outlined below, so you and your team can maximize your learning experience and your time invested.

Module 1: The Case for Character-Based Human Capital Solutions

Human capital is the #1 investment and #1 risk factor to building and sustaining a successful organization.
Why an individual’s character and behavior are critical to the vision, mission and long-term success of your organization.
Why your organization should consider incorporating an integrated, character-based human capital solutions strategy into your overall business objectives.
How an individual’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ impacts performance, productivity, team efficiency and bottom-line results!


Module 2: Maximizing Personal Leadership Effectiveness

At the foundation of an individual’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness is their character and behavioral DNA! Organizations today must have an on-going sustainable process to assess, measure, empower and evaluate the character and behavior DNA… of its human capital assets.
In any organization (profit or non-profit) people will either self-manage or discipline their lives around good principles of character or they will have to be managed externally. Think of the wasted cost and energy within our institutions trying to manage and police issues such as integrity, honesty, conflict, lack of accountability, poor communications, etc.

An individual’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness has a direct impact on an organization’s overall performance, productivity, team efficiency and bottom-line results.


Module 3: MERIT Integrated Solutions™ Overview Character-Based Human Capital Applications- People are your Greatest Asset...or your Greatest Liability.

The primary objective of this educational eLearning module is to help the leaders within your organization better understand how they can cost-effectively improve the predictability of their important human capital decisions regarding your organizations culture, talent acquisition, employee development and succession planning initiatives.


Module 4: MERIT Profile™ Summary - Assessing an Individuals Character and Behavior is Critical!

The following support educational eLearning module provides a deeper understanding of the MERIT Profile™, which is foundational to the MERIT Integrated Solutions character-based predictive analytic technologies, business applications and learning processes. This module includes:
MERIT Profile Brief History
MAXIMIZERS Character Competencies
Overview Behavioral
Styles Overview
To succeed in today’s volatile and competitive marketplace it is critical for organizations to establish a character-driven culture that can be supported by several “character-based” integrated human capital solutions. This foundation is vital if an organization is going to successfully establish, build, and sustain their vision, mission and purpose. It is also vital that organizations embrace their leadership role in helping their people become “good citizens” overall, both personally and professionally. The simple truth is the behavior and values modeled within an organization will permeate our culture at large.
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