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Merrit Training

Career Opportunities

Allliance Partners
We extend offers selectively to recruit those who have a set of qualifications and skills that are needed to serve our clients well. We are open to having discussions and listen to those interested in a Career.
Community Development
We now encourage local leaders to participate in the growth and development of their own communities. Help your community to get on the same page and ensure that the Community, Churches, Para church Organizations and people in the community prosper. This is a significant role for key leaders to help establish the Maximizer principles and help the community to achieve a common vision and common good.


Our Company is Comprised of a Team of Experts

A team with specialized skills working together to serve the client offers great advantage including economies.


We diligently search out talent that is skilled in organization and business development. We have a distinct advantage over many consulting firms in that when we engage in a project with a client, we have done the due diligence to ensure efficiencies are passed to the client.


Company Consultants and Coaches

Our unique blend of consultants and coaches provide the knowledge to build capacity and growth while ensuring that the clients we serve are able to remain accountable to what they want and are willing to do.


We see our human capital as being much like a compass, having a variety of degrees with each degree pointing directly to the needs of growing enterprises. Think of us as 360 degrees of qualified personnel to ensure your success. Our challenge is to keep in contact and bring to you the intellect and solutions you need. This challenge keeps us continuously learning and developing so that in the end we serve you.


Terry Austin
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JoAn Risdon
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Burdette Rosendale
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Neil & Theresa Salvaterra
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Chuck Underwood
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Joseph Umidi
Dr. Joseph Umidi serves as Professor of Leadership at Regent University for the past 25 where he established an award-winning curriculum to transform leaders and their organizational cultures in business, government, and education that is now being used in 22 countries and twelve languages. As founder and president of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Inc., he and his certified consultants and coaches have established training centers in key cities in the U.S and abroad that design tailor-made training processes for sustainable change, innovative perspectives on visioning and decision making, and creativity in the workplace. He has authored numerous articles and books dealing with Personal, Leadership, Organizational, and Community Transformation and is working in community and international transformation strategies with several organizations in the developing nations. He is married to Marie, Founder & President of TMCJ, Inc. an international Arts ministry, and the delighted grandparents of three grandchildren.
Recent Training Summary
* Millennium-Copthorne Hotel Group for customer-service excellence with 450 managers and 4700 employees.
* Stefano Construction Organization for creative approaches to team building with 6 U.S. centers.
* Virginia State government workers for Gang Prevention training curriculum with 14 community partners and two universities.
* South African government leaders for leadership mentoring for HIV-Aids prevention
* World-Vision international for organizational innovation
* Department of Education for Superintendent Management excellence in Singapore
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Phil & Joan Weaver
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William & Cherie Winship
As a young boy William entered into the world of entrepreneurship. A gene was passed down from a family of entrepreneurs. His grandfather owned a chain of drug stores, real estate ventures, and a 3 generation wholesale company in upstate New York. His father ultimately carried the mantle forward and continued in the family business until he passed away at 74 years of age. As a little boy William would spend time with his father watching him work with people and build lifelong relationships. A deep desire grew within William to be an entrepreneur as well. Ingrained in William were the ethics, morals, and servant spirit exhibited by his grandfather a pharmacist and entrepreneur.

The basic tenants and the integrity to grow and develop ongoing business concerns were the family legacy.  William first became familiar with the association of money and free enterprise when he started a landscaping company and was introduced to record-keeping by his grandmother.  The net after working exhaustively because of lawn mower repairs was not so great. At the end of the season, the landscaping enterprise was in the red.

Having started several businesses from the ground floor and developing those businesses to maturity, William began a lifelong journey working diligently to apply his business lessons to help other businesses succeed. These years of practical experience contributed to William’s wealth of intellectual property.  William has the instinct to solve business challenges and keep time with shifting markets.  
William has surrounded himself with high level leaders with a variety of specialized knowledge.  These leaders have become part of a team to bring to bear current solutions to enterprises.  It is common when working with William to observe him in conversation with his team developing real time solutions.  His ability to be focused and solve problems through critical skill, while maintaining relational perspective, is a gift he brings to the market.  William prizes his ability to network and build relationships that produce long-term equity.
A seasoned entrepreneur and business expert, William provides professional consulting services to a variety of organizations in an effort to ensure smooth running and growing enterprises. His experience and talent comes from tirelessly building business his entire life. The practical experience combined with his unique real-life university qualifies him to bring time-tested solutions to those he serves. For example, prior to launching Portacle™ William was a Senior Partner of Design Group International™, helping them to move from a single operator to a core group of consultants that are now beginning to collaborate. William has consulting experience with the church and para-church communities, corporate entities, and sole proprietorships.  He has also worked with some franchised businesses.
William has written a number of business articles and developed a business devotional written specifically for business leaders. William travels extensively, helping both start-ups and seasoned businesses increase their capacity for service excellence. William enjoys life in North Carolina with his wife Cherie and their dog Peeps.
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George O. Zach
George combined Carpe Diem Coaching, LLC (which he founded in 2001) with Winship Global in 2009. He had previously spent nearly 25 years in engineering and executive management for manufacturing and service oriented companies in SE Wisconsin. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin (Mech. Engrg), attended MSOE and Aurora College for post graduate work, a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin and is a graduate of Coach University out of Steamboat Springs, CO. As an Executive Business Coach and Consultant, George has worked with executives, owners, managers and individuals to establish a winning attitude and success in their careers, management and company growth. He is the owner and Publisher of the Carpe Diem Advisor, a quarterly business and career advice publication posted on the web site. He also has been a contributing writer for He has published his formative years bio for personal distribution in electronic form only.
Prior to Carpe Diem Coaching, George held numerous engineering management positions, including Manager of Engineering over a 14 year period. During this engineering career, he worked closely with manufacturing employees on process improvement and cost reduction along with managing several large design projects. He then moved into production management, as Manager/Director of Purchasing for several Fortune 100 Companies. He attained the National Purchasing Association’s certification as a Certified Purchasing Manager. He also has held management positions in Quality Control and Manufacturing. Later, he held management positions for two different manufacturing companies as Vice President of Operations, leaving those positions to take on the role of General Manager of a technical products manufacturer. George has managed using team cells, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement tools, etc. He developed numerous employees through his career into managerial roles, plus saw tremendous improvements in team output throughout the organization.
Since starting Carpe Diem Coaching, George has coached and consulted for owners and executives in businesses such as manufacturing, banking, asset based lending institutions, service companies, advertising companies, hotels, training organizations, medical test kit manufacturers, software development companies, financial planning companies, inventors and consulting firms. His preferred coaching and consulting style is to work closely with his clients to build long lasting relationships, facilitating results, holding them accountable for their goals and actions, and additionally, bringing solutions to the table when the client is “stuck.”
George also has facilitated the Strategic Planning Process with business owners and their staff, along with the next step, Deployment Strategy, which is taking the results of the former and turning it into action plans and goals. The usage of Continuous Improvement Program tools to effect results is the primary system to effect change.
He has worked with over 40 different companies during his coaching and consulting career, ranging from start-ups to multi-national companies. Testimonials are available upon request that confirm a significant return on investment in regards to his contribution in support of his clients.
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