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The Work We Have Completed Allows us to Position Ourselves as Experts in Business and Organizational Development.
A qualified and competent consultant is the result of many years of time-tested experience. As a consultant you have to be an avid reader, mathematician, marketer, sales professional as well as be equipped with sharp and cutting edge interpersonal relationship skills. These qualifications just don't happen; they exist from years of collaboration, market research and practical application of those skills to ultimately be able to facilitate excellence as an almost natural outcome. In today's marketplace you have to have an almost missionary zeal to be accomplished and maintain your professional stature. As the CEO of Portacle™, I pledge unparalleled experience and quality every time or we comp our fee.

Confidence is matter of experience, and when you experience professional consulting and coaching services you know because the recommended changes simply work.

- William D. Winship, CSP
It is the outcome that makes the difference.
The main goal of process consultation (and what makes it different from standard consultation) is to identify root causes in your particular organization that are preventing progress. Once these causes are identified, and then we work to determine the best series of steps needed to erode and ultimately eliminate the barriers that hinder the desired end results for YOUR organization.  From experience, we know where the icebergs are, and we can help you to navigate around them.

Our process starts by performing an in depth analysis of the organizational challenges you are experiencing. We then explore those critical issues and how they are affecting your progress and develop a custom tailored plan to guide your organization. Armed with our tailored plan--and some determination, we are confident you will be able to achieve the future results you have always desired.

The key to our continuous success is that we remain committed and work toward custom solutions opposed to offering a canned package or a boilerplate program.   Our commitment to you is that we will not quit working with you until you are satisfied with the results or the plan. We are trained to intensely listen, and not to give up even when others may think your ship is going down.

Our goal is not for us to provide you with just a consultant; rather it is to ensure that you achieve success by having the needed resources in a timely and affordable fashion. 

Through the change process you should expect your organization to become much more organized and effective. You and your organization will achieve growth on many new levels and realize higher achievement. You can expect to resolve conflicts and identify areas that could be threats if they are not addressed. You will also learn how to identify specific challenges in order to avoid disaster. We are also confident that in the end you and your team will be much more results oriented action takers.

The ultimate result is that your organization will become a finely tuned "machine," ready to achieve its maximum potential.
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I met William in January through Facebook. Since then I have had conversations or done business with at least five Global Alliance Members including his lovely wife Cherie'. I am impressed by the expertise in such a wide range of topics shown by the team and I look forward to a continuing long-term relationship with them.
- Burdette Rosendale
Quincy, Illanois


Our relationship with Portacle had proven over time to be the bridge to complete our business. We engaged them during a transitional time where we successfully merged two companies. Their timing and skills are uncanny.
Ken Kelley- CEO
Lexington Kentucky


“We contacted Portacle™ to provide our company an assessment consultation. We felt like we were driving a truck that got the wheels stuck in the mud and we were spinning our time away. With the help we received and eye-opening experience we are now able to realize where those ruts are and avoid them all together. Thanks to the Winship crew and the changes we made we had our biggest year ever!
James W. McKinney, III, CGR


We hired another consulting company preceding the work we accomplished with Portacle. There were light years difference between companies and I would encourage you to move forward on your decision to hire the Winship Group, they exceeded my expectations.


Jerry Crone, President